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Umesh Narayanrao

Founder & CPO

Umesh Narayanrao is serving as Director at Sellogs. He is also  an Operational Director at Lastmile Transtech PVT Ltd in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. With over a decade of logistics experience, Umesh is adept at driving operational excellence and fostering growth. His dedication, integrity, and passion for innovation make him a valuable asset to Sellogs, setting high standards for the industry.

Kamlesh Desai


Kamlesh Desai is a distinguished figure in the logistics industry, currently serving as a Director at Sellogs. With over 20 years of comprehensive experience, his career spans several key roles, including a significant position as GM Supply Chain at Collateral Medical Private Limited and Regional Manager at both Parekh Integrated Services Pvt. Ltd. and Flyjac Logistics Pvt. Ltd. His tenure began as a Warehouse Executive at Bharat Shell Limited, laying the groundwork for a career marked by leadership and innovation. Based in Mumbai, Kamlesh’s extensive background in logistics management and strategic planning makes him a pivotal asset to Sellogs, driving the company forward in the competitive landscape.

Sujit Varma

Founder & CPO

As a supply chain evangelist, Sujit is a passionate advocate for the power of effective supply chain management to transform businesses and drive growth. With over 30 years of experience in the field, he has proven expertise in driving projects in supply chain strategy, logistics, and operations.

Throughout his career, Sujit has worked with leading companies to optimize their supply chain processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. He has deep expertise in the area of Logistics Digitization and has architected and implemented large Logistics Digitization platforms.

Naresh Orvoy – COO

Naresh Orvoy


Naresh brings wealth experience in IT industry, he has double Masters in Technology for US.  Naresh is highly adaptable with diverse experience across Logistics, Banking, and Airlines & Travel industries. He has lead global teams to deliver innovative solutions for several fortune 50 clients.  His passion for technology keeps his team always ahead with adoptions that help keep costs low and deliver highly robust and scalable solutions.

Prathima Vankadaru – CFO

Prathima Vankadaru


Prathima is an FCA with over 15 years of experience in Taxation, Auditing, accounting and advisory roles for several corporations.  Her clients include several high profile individuals as well as the corporations.  She provided and guided the companies with the required financial discipline and anchored the hypergrowth with the right advise. 

Ranjith Kedia


Ranjit Kedia is an experienced logistics industry professional and the founder and CEO of Lastmile Transtech. He has over 20 years of experience in the logistics industry and is recognized as a thought leader in the field. Under his leadership, Lastmile Transtech has grown rapidly and now has over 100+ warehouses and 1000+ employees across India. Ranjit is passionate about using technology to drive efficiency and optimize supply chain performance, and has been a vocal advocate for leveraging emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain to transform the logistics industry. He is highly respected by his peers and has been recognized for his contributions to the logistics industry.

Sreeram Kolisetty

Sreeram Kolisetty

Managing Director

Sreeram is a serial entrepreneur and can quickly turnaround the companies to bring in the value to both the customers and products while not compromising on the employee satisfaction.  He is renowned Lean-Agile consultant and previously served several Fortune 50 clients to improve their productivity.  Lean Operations, Lean Development & Engineering are his top skills that can add value to any company.




Mr. Ramesh will focus on setting up of our Implementation and Customer Support Team in India. He will be responsible for effective Pilots and conversion of Pilots to paying customer implementations and managing the relationships with the customers. He will be based out of Delhi and will be building the operations team along with HO at Delhi. Going forward, Mr. Ramesh would take SELLFREIGHT as the focus area and help us build the largest Transporter Community in India.

Mahesh K

Mahesh K


Mr. Mahesh is a self-motivated and result oriented technocrat with two and a half decades of industry experience spanning multiple domains like manufacturing, logistics and IT consulting. He brings along a proven ability in managing startup environments to building and managing large teams. Mr. Mahesh has worked in various capacities in Global IT services companies where in he could build new business divisions, incubated new technologies, handled strategic initiatives and managed large teams and Country operations

Jose d



As the Chief Sales Officer, Mr. Jose will develop the market for SOLOS platform in the country by targeting the mid and large corporate segments. He will help to increase and strengthen the Direct Sales Team with Regional Sales resources and Value-Added Resellers for the platform. Mr. Jose is convinced that he will be able to penetrate the Indian market for the Logistics Operating System which is proven with some of the customers he has already won for us in the past few months where he was involved as a Consultant.


Meena M Mani


As the CRO, she will be the ‘One Point of Contact’ for the board, continually scanning the Development, Sales, Marketing, Implementation, and External Environment for any challenges in revenue realization.

salil varma CMO Sellogs



Mr. Salil Varma has joined us in the key portfolio of building Eco System Partnerships and as our CMO for markets outside India through building a Reseller Network of Supply Chain Evangelists and Organizations. He will be responsible in identifying and building partnerships with other Eco-System products of Silo Solutions in Logistics and the customer solution. He has a dual role of marketing SOLOS in the international market through Sales Partnerships with individuals and organizations.

Vinu Thomas Koshy

Chief Marketing Officer

Vinu is a Business Transformation and Management Professional with 33+ years of hands on work experience that included but was not limited to IT Software and Hardware solutions, Business Development of unique products & solutions, IT Software development, IT training, Banking & Finance payment systems and solutions & Fuel Service station Automation. Vinu has worked in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Bahrain, and India with Banks, Petroleum companies, Software development companies during the span of his career.


Prem Kumar

Director - Enabling Services

4 decades of work experience with various MNCs, covering various industries like Supply Chain Solutions, Telecom, Engineering & Software Technology, handling Human Resource Management, General Administration, Business Development, CSR & PR Activities and Organization Development.


Sindhu Varma


A lawyer by profession, a passionate people person and a die-hard entrepreneur with two decades of work experience in Operational and Managerial roles in an MNC and subsequently as a Corporate Trainer. A Traditional trainer with contemporary outlook, training means sharing knowledge and adding value to society by empowering people.

Ranjit KEDIA

Ranjit Kedia


As a supply chain evangelist, Sujit is a passionate advocate for the power of effective supply chain management to transform businesses and drive growth. With over 30 years of experience in the field, he has proven expertise in driving projects in supply chain strategy, logistics, and operations.

sanil nair

Sanil Nair

Co-Founder & CTO

With 30+ years of IT experience, Sanil is a seasoned software product development specialist with immense experience in developing SaaS based product platforms. With a strong techno-commercial acumen and sharp strategic focus, Sanil believes in simplicity and applies that throughout the product journey to solve problems and meet market needs.


Tony Lugg

Co-Founder & CEO

Enthusiastic Supply Chain Evangelist of repute, Tony has a track record of leadership, growth, restructuring, integration, and solutions in dynamic and evolving environments with strong backgrounds in Asia and Europe. Former Chairman of leading industry association building supply chain resilience across the supply chain for Fortune 500 companies providing strategic directions and operating plan for the organisation.